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Interested in featuring our cocktails at your next event? Let's Do It! Book our industry trained bartenders for any occasion. From whiskey tastings, small dinner parties, private craft cocktail lesson, corporate parties, or an intimate wedding, we've got you covered! 

Influenced by a trip to Asia, our latest cocktail menu includes ingredients like yuzu, Kura Sato sugar, and brewed kaffir lime leaves. For a bit of heat, we use Thai bird eye chilies or Santaka chili pepper. Adding matcha green tea or chopped lemongrass for aromatic, black sesame, Japanese curry or even Chinese five spices smoked bacon can elevate it to new heights and incorporating umami flavors. Sourcing Asian ingredients and combining with seasonal California ingredients, the results are super delicious. S

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You don't have to be a professional bartender to make great cocktails, learning the foundations and how to incorporate flavors will help elevate your drinks to the next level. From Whiskey education, spirit tasting, classic cocktails foundation, or modern Asian tiki cocktails, whichever interests you, we can make it happen.


Hit us up at cocktails@bearandstone to book a class for you and your friends.