Bartender Covid-19 Relief Program

Step 1

Donate on Venmo to @bearandstone

In the comment section, state the name on the order. Please donate right after ordering

Step 2:

Fill out order sheet before Friday, May 29th, 10 pm
Delivery will go out the following afternoon unless notified otherwise.


Check @bearandstone stories on Instagram for the new cocktail menu, updates, and announcements.


Q. Suggestion for donation amount?

A. The donation is dictated by you, pay what you can afford. We ask you that you help us cover the cost of producing each bottle (which comes to $25 per bottle). Every dollar on top of that goes towards supporting the Bartender Covid-19 Relief Program. Our goal is to raise funds through donations to help some bartenders affected by community but unlike other places, we didn't feel right starting a GoFundMe page. We wanted to give something back with every donation, just to say Thank you!

Q. Can I leave an extra tip for the amazing cocktails or to the delivery person for driving around so everyone can stay home and be safe? 

A. Yes, of course! As we're trying to go contactless and cashless, you can Venmo it @bearandstone and in the comment with a tip from and then put in your address so we know what delivery route it goes to.

Q. How many cocktails are in a bottle?

A. There are about 4 cocktails in each bottle.  For example, if you order 4 bottles, that's around 16 cocktails total!

Q. Can I buy a drink for a few of my friends so we can all have a virtual happy hour together?

A. Yes, take care of a round for them and maybe they'll get you on the next rounds! Just fill out different orders and make sure to comment on Venmo each order name.   


Q. How do I know if the cocktails are any good?

A. It's very subjective, but our team has bartenders that run some of the best cocktail programs in Los Angeles. Along with that, we also have won multiple cocktails competitions on a local and national level. We understand that some cocktails aren't for everyone but there's one thing I can promise you is that the drink will always be balanced correctly.

Q. Who are the bartenders crushing these cocktails?

A.   We have some heavy hitters on our team...

Clare Ward (Bar Director of Hippo Highland Park)

Max Reis(Bar Director of Garcias Madre West Hollywood)

Shawn Lickliter (Bar Director of Republique Mid City)

Rye Su (Bar Director Bear & Stone)

Q: How far do you guys deliver?

A: Greater LA area, Orange County, Torrance, West Los Angeles, Pasadena, Woodland Hills, San Gabriel Valley, Long Beach, Glendora, and almost everywhere in between. But probably not Riverside or Rancho Cucamonga, Sorry. 



New Menu Coming Soon




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